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SVU/L&O/Original: Ouroboros Ch 13-18, Scenes Ch 8 (NC-17)

Title: Ouroboros
Authors: miri_cleo (cleo2584), future_imp47, twtd
Fandom: Law and Order SVU, Original, Law and Order
Characters: Eli, Dani, Theo, Alex Cabot, Patrice LaRue, Abbie Carmichael, Taylor Hamilton (pairings to come)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When things begin to converge, history has a way of repeating itself...but not always with the same result.
A/N: Part of both the Sine Qua Non and Circumstance Series.

Chapter 13 Interlude

Chapter 14 To Young Love...
Mini Preview: Alex followed her daughter's eyes to their object, a smile already forming on her lips until she really got a better look at the young woman. She half opened her mouth to speak and simply moved her hand over Patrice's, squeezing it.

Chapter 15

Chapter 16 Comfort and Denial

Chapter 17 Absolved

Chapter 18 Ouroboros
Mini Preview: As they walked back to campus, Eli kept the mood light and casual up until the point where she unlocked her door and sighed as they went into her room. "Well that was...beyond a thousand moments of awkwardness," she said as she flopped onto her bed.

Title: Scenes
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Comments/questions/feedback here is always welcome, and in the case of these series sometimes lets us know what to write next!
Chapter 8: Caterina/Sadie
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