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SVU/L&O/Original: Scenes Ch 16 (NC-17)

Note: That whole thing about not updating today. Uhm...Surprise! It turns out that we had something, even though the last few weeks have been crazy.

And since we don't have an update for "Alchemy" today, we're opening up the comments to this post as a Q&A. So...if you have any questions about the stories, any of the series, or any of the characters, go for it!

Title: Scenes
Authors: miri_cleo (cleo2584), future_imp47, and twtd
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Law and Order SVU, Original, Law and Order
Summery: There are always things that don't make it into a story, and sometimes there are things that were never meant to but were fun to explore anyway. With that in mind, we offer the deleted scenes from the Circumstance Series and Sine Qua Non Series.
A/N: Comments/questions/feedback here is always welcome, and in the case of these series sometimes lets us know what to write next!

Chapter 16 Alex/Abbie
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