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SVU/Original/L&O: "Scenes" Ch 18 (NC-17)

-Finally, we have a preliminary Ouroboros Visual Guide!
-Also, check out the Femslash Kink Meme Mini Meme--opening at midnight! If you want to prompt any of the OCs or canon characters from this series, we're game. Even if not, it'll be a fun meme to participate in!

Title: Scenes
Authors: miri_cleo (cleo2584), future_imp47, and twtd
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Law and Order SVU, Original, Law and Order
Summery: There are always things that don't make it into a story, and sometimes there are things that were never meant to but were fun to explore anyway. With that in mind, we offer the deleted scenes from the Circumstance Series and Sine Qua Non Series.
A/N: Just a note that this will be our last Friday update until after New Years! We'll be back with more of "Flightpath" and "Scenes" and a few other tricks up our sleeves after that! And we'll be posting updated visual guides and bios then as well!

Chapter 18 Abbie/Taylor
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