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ADA Love

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6/7/08 08:54 pm - dbzmerciter2005 - Casey Novak, Law & Order: SVU | Batch 3 - 41/100

.:Preview one:.
.:Preview two:.
.:Preview three:.

Cross posted everywhere Casey is accepted. Now includes textless and alternate icons!

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6/5/08 04:19 pm - dbzmerciter2005 - Casey Novak, Law & Order: SVU | Batch 2 - 22/100

A fair warning, there will be multiple posts as batches are made. Please enjoy them. :) If the picture is too big for your f-list, let me know I'll remove it.

.:Preview one:.
.:Preview two:.
.:Preview three:.

Cross posted everywhere Casey is accepted.

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3/23/08 02:02 pm - hollypop_04

A diane Neal i made because shes awesome and she needs one....the song is there she goes by sispence none the richer. I own nothing
clips belong to nbc, dianeneal.hostbus.com, black20.com NOT ME.enjoy

10/16/07 12:44 am - seftiri - Possible Plagiarist On The Loose


The owner of the above blog, Tess, is posting C/O stories without authors' names attached. I am not sure if she is claiming the stories as her own but she has taken 7 of my stories already and my name is nowhere to be seen. I have commented to every post demanding she take the stories down. So far, no response.

There are other stories there that I am not familiar with. If anyone knows one of the authors, please notify them of this blog and the fact that their work is possibly being passed off as someone else's.

Thanks for your help.


8/31/07 08:57 pm - homicidal69 - New to LJ

So i am new here and i have a few of my stories posted on my journal. They are all Alex/Elliot and all one-shots. I would really like to know what people think of them and if people could give me some hints to improve that would be even better. Thank you all. 

6/10/07 05:20 pm - girlnterrupted - first fanfic EVER...and it's slutty .... and smutty.

Just wanted to share my first fanfic....ever....so it's kind of scary, but I just went for it anyway. :)

I started it in class one day and never finished, and felt like doing the dirty deed today. ;)

It's smut, it's slash...call it what you will....but very graphic.
Since it's my first, the more comments the better...I could really suck at this, so who knows.

Title: "And That's Why I Overslept...."
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Fandom: SVU
Rating: Definitely NC-17.
Season/Spoilers: Brief mention of Brian Cassidy and a scumbag reporter (Season 1)
Summary: Olivia tells the story of a little encounter she and Alex had the night before after a few drinks.
Author's Notes: Graphic sexual details.
Disclaimer: I only own them in my dreams.

Onto The SmutCollapse )

9/28/06 10:46 pm - lilly_plaid - FIC: First Meeting (Detective Nina Cassady/ ADA Connie Rubirosa)

Title: First Meeting
Author: lilly_plaid
Fandom: Law and Order Mothership
Pairing: Detective Nina Cassady/ ADA Connie Rubirosa
Summery: The girls first meeting and on the J-Train case.

First MeetingCollapse )

x-posted @ new_girls

9/28/06 07:47 pm - lilly_plaid - New Community: Cassidy/Rubirosa

Hey Everybody so we don't know if you noticed but last week's premiere of Law and Order was the first time that there were two regulars who are also hot ladies on the Mothership, specifically Detective Nina Cassady and ADA Connie Rubirosa. In celebration we (lilly_plaid and brigid31) have started a community. We realize that they have been in one episode and shared less than a minute of screentime. But we see this going places. If you see it going places (or are simply amused) join us over at new_girls.

Get in on this pairing at the groundfloor.

6/14/06 04:35 pm - ljr_detective - Law & Order Newsletter

There's a Law & Order newsletter out now. To get a "subscription," just friend lawandorder_ljr. If you want your journal watched for fics, icons, graphics, etc, friend ljr_detective. Check out today's issue.

6/7/06 09:55 pm - woodlandelf

How many themed communities have you seen out there? How many were inspired by 30_kisses or fanfic100? Now there's one solely for Law & Order (plus Conviction). Four prompt tables of twenty-five themes. All themes are titles from Law & Order, SVU, CI, TBJ, and Conviction.

Make your claim at 25_crimes.

If this is against the rules, feel free to delete this post.
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